The Ants: Underground Kingdom

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Apr 23, 2021
Jul 1, 2024
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Challenges always coexists with competition, and the mighty stand invincible ONLY. A young and hopeful queen ant is rapidly rising to prominence, infusing the ant colony with newfound vitality and aspiration. To safeguard her position, the industrious worker ants toil day and night: some transport resources while others build robust nests, all contributing to a prosperous scene. However, the soldier ants guarding the nest never lower their vigilance, ever-ready to thwart any would-be enemies attempting to invade…
Seize this opportunity to manifest your strategy and intelligence to write an even more glorious chapter for the future of the entire ant colony!

Explore the Underground World
Venture through the winding ant tunnels and immerse yourself in an enigmatic underground world! In this hidden world, the queen multiplies her brood, worker ants toil relentlessly, brave soldier ants always stay alert, and ladybugs provide a bounty of resources. Carve out new pathways and team up with friends to build your dream underground kingdom!

Pathways of Growth and Expansion
The fate of your ant colony depends on its population. To ensure the prosperity of your ant kingdom, tactical victories are essential! Make allies with like-minded friends and explore together. By working side by side with your allies, success will come more swiftly and effortlessly.

Tale of Ants and Insects
Specialized ants and Insects are indispensable parts to build a mighty ant army. By hatching Mutant Eggs and Insect Eggs, you'll unlock extraordinary powers, which helps you craft your own legend!

The Ants: Underground Kingdom provides an instant online customer service, which will surely give you a better gaming experience. No matter what kind of questions you have, we are here to help as much as possible. You can contact us through the following channels:

◆Official LINE: @theantsgame (don't forget "@")
◆Official Discord:
◆Official Facebook:
◆Official Support E-mail: [email protected]
◆Official TikTok: @theants_global
◆Official website:

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is free to download. However, some items in the game are not free. Players must be at least 3 years old to download it, as defined in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Besides, devices should have access to network as this is an online game.

What's new

[New Contents]
1. Medals Gallery - Special Category: Added the "Insect Commander" medal, which can be unlocked by owning specified insects.
2. Adjustments to Special Ant Dispatch Function.

1. Optimized the Reform Cooperation: Increased the upper limit of cooperation levels.
2. Optimized the marching behavior related to alliance towers during the season: The march will not be canceled due to changes in the current alliance tower occupation status.


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