Mecha Domination: Rampage

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Jun 3, 2024
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How can humanity survive in a perilous wasteland overrun by rampaging mechanized beasts?
Our once flourishing world was annihilated by colossal mechanized beasts, causing humans to be displaced wherever these beasts roamed.
For centuries, this world has been plagued by wars and massacres, until you, a valiant commander emerges.
You will lead the survivors to capture and modify beasts, train troops, form alliances, and ultimately save humanity's last remaining enclaves.

[Free Exploration]
Explore the remnants of human civilization in a vast world.
Discover traces of rare beasts, encounter mysterious characters in need of help, and locate rare resource tiles… Embark on an exciting adventure!

[Build a Shelter in the Wasteland]
A shelter is the only source of warmth and security in this desolate world.
You can design your shelter to your liking, utilizing the colossal skeletons of defeated beasts as your roof and displaying all the souvenirs you have collected on your journey.

[Create Exclusive Mecha Beasts]
Vicious mechanical beasts roam freely, wreaking havoc and leaving destruction in their wake.
Craft dozens of hunting weapons, capture and tame these beasts, and transform them into your combat force.
From Scorchers and Spikerollers to Tyrants and Sickleclaws, and even Firespitters, you can build your very own beast army.

[Train Elite Troops]
Be sure to bring enough manpower when venturing into the wilderness to search for supplies, as vicious beasts can attack at any moment!
Assemble your own expeditionary force and create the most effective lineup.

[Form a Strong Alliance]
Don't face the apocalypse alone!
Join forces with friends or join a powerful existing alliance to share resources and increase your influence. Lead survivors in rebuilding their homes, and find hope together in this post-apocalyptic world.

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What's new

1. Server-wide leaderboard.
2. New SSR Beast - Steel Judgment
3. New SSR Beast - Cruising Razor
4. New SR Beast - Vanguard Triceratops

Bug fixes.


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