Dawn of Ages: Medieval Games
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May 8, 2024
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History is written on the pages of war, scribe the saga of your empire!

At the dawn of medieval history, build your castle and evolve your army using real weapons and armor from ages past. March against hostile civilizations as you re-trace the steps of history. Engage your rivals and crush their empires in battle!

No Dragons, No Magic, Not Now, Not Ever

As students of history, we're only interested in creating a game that puts us in the shoes of actual historical events, battles, moments, and epochs. That's why every new piece of content or piece of armor is always going to be inspired by real history and not something you'll find in Middle-Earth or Westeros. That's just not Dawn of Ages.

Experience Medieval Warfare

Brutal combat and authentic mass battles await. Stage epic fights with different weapons and tactics. Journey through authentic historical campaigns against ancient empires, or march your army against real foes in an epic PvP war. Revel in the defeat of your rivals, gather riches and rewards, and helm an empire on the rise. Adventure awaits!

Customize Your Army

Equip your battalions with the best combination of gear from a selection of more than 100 different historical weapons, shields, and armor, each with their own individual advantages and disadvantages. Assign targets for your troops to maximize their attack capabilities, and time your commander's strikes with precision to turn the fighting in your favor. Use the rewards you claimed from the previous battle to equip your troops for the next.

Build your Civilization

Raise a city into a fortified castle and expand your civilization. Recruit townsmen to staff each building and expand your settlement into a bustling medieval city to support the needs of your army. As you battle through the ages, your city will evolve with your military, allowing a greater economy and greater capacity to train troops and construct weapons. As your army marches across the ages, revel in each victory as your civilization stands the test of time.

Engaging Game play

Witness medieval times up close. Every sword you loot, every piece of armor you forge is based on real-world examples. Comparable to the experience provided by leading strategy games, Dawn of Ages gives you thrilling medieval battles and city management to maintain a rising military. Get to the fighting quickly with a few taps, and engage in complex strategies in an easy interface. Dawn of Ages puts large scale battles at your fingertips!


Join the Discord community to help build the network of players and evolve the game. Share your acquired castle or acquired armor and weapons with players and revel together in the supremacy of your civilizations!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/VurN66EZYC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DawnOfAgesGame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DawnOfAgesGame
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/DawnOfAgesGame/

What's new

Hail and well-met fellow Knights,

Join us as we explore what Update 1.1 has in store:
- Continue your adventure through history: Chapter 5 is now available.
- New PvP Mode: Leagues. Fight your way to the top!
- Big Tacticard Rework: More cards for your deck and one new card!
- Various UI and balancing improvements for a better gaming experience.

For more detailed patch notes, check out the Discord.

Fare thee well until our paths cross again!


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